The Diverse Campus:
Improving Access, Equity, and the Student Experience
Thursday, May 14, 2020
This ​workshop ​will ​draw ​from ​current ​research, ​learning ​and ​teaching ​tools ​and ​resources, ​and ​demographic ​trends ​and ​their ​implications ​to ​help ​participants ​frame ​plans ​to ​enhance ​equity ​and ​inclusion ​at ​their ​institutions. ​Theories ​from ​diversity ​studies ​and ​the ​literatures ​of ​teaching ​and ​learning ​and ​organizational ​change ​will ​be ​applied ​to ​key ​levers ​for ​organizational ​and ​individual ​change ​toward ​developing ​strategies ​for ​improvement ​and ​models ​to ​frame ​planning ​and ​evaluation ​for ​equity ​and ​inclusion ​efforts.
Building Relevant and High Quality Competency-Based Programs
Friday, May 15, 2020
This workshop will focus on innovating curriculum process in Competency Based Education programs: the steps involved in program creation and revision, the key role of backwards design, and how research informs decision-making and structure, program outcomes, and assessment. Participants will be provided guidelines for determining an engaging educational journey with targeted learning activities and formative assessment.